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Completion Documents

Completion documentation is an important part of a project, in terms of imparting knowledge to the building’s owners and operators, as well as meeting commercial obligations. In our role as services coordinators, we realised that delivery of the completion documents often occurs at the most labour intensive part of a project, where the services subcontractors are trying to complete and commission their work. This would often result in poor quality or incomplete documentation. To combat this, we offer a document completion service to building services subcontractors, which ensure that high quality completion documents are provided at handover.

Our current completion document service includes:

  1. Asbuilt Drawings – This includes the updating of subcontractor shop drawings with asbuilt data/mark-ups that are recorded by the subcontractor during the installation period. 
  2. Operation Manuals – We gather the relevant technical data and compile comprehensive manuals which adhere to widely accepted and specified formats, including system descriptions, operating instructions, maintenance schedules and requirements, equipment technical data, warranties and commissioning results.
  3. MAN-6 User Guides - We can provide Tenant User Guides (TUG) and Building User Guides (BUG) in accordance with NZGBC MAN-6 User Guide credit requirements.