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Christchurch Civic Building

The Christchurch civic building project was significant for us in many ways. As well as being our first Independent Commissioning Agent project in the South Island, it was also the highest green star rating building we had commissioned at that time. Taking on such a complex building services project so far from home was a challenge, not least of which because it included some technology and systems that were unfamiliar to us, and to others in the project team.  Encountering systems such as the operable double skin façade, tri-generation, absorption chiller and fully integrated lighting and mechanical plant occupancy systems stretched and enhanced our knowledge of the latest green technologies. 

Using energy efficient initiatives, such as 85% of the hot water coming from solar panels on the roof, and generation of power and hot water from the tri-generation plant, gave the team a strong focus to ensure the building was operating correctly. We continued to monitor the building alongside the facility management team during the building tuning period.

This 6 Green Star rated building amassed a record 83 points in the green star process, going on to win several architectural, property council, and sustainability awards. It remains a world leading example of green building construction today.