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Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct


The Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct project is a anchor Christchurch City rebuild project which brings together all the justice and emergency services, in 3 main buildings spread over 42,000 sqm  in one city block in central Christchurch. It is the largest multi-agency government co-location project in New Zealand’s history and the first major public building to be built in Christchurch by the government since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Pacific were engaged directly by the Ministry of Justice to provide independent commissioning management services to the project.  This includes a two year tuning period where Pacific will work closely with the facilities management team to ensure the building runs to its peak efficiency while maintaining occupant comfort


Key Aspects

  • As the precinct houses multiple tenants and encompasses several buildings the design embrace the benefits of a precinct model by using shared central plant such as power, HVAC, aquifer, fire and security.
  • Central cooling plant including 2x 700kW air cooled chillers, 2x 650kW cooling heating chillers,
  • 3 propane 500kW gas boilers
  • 2 Aquifers bores and pump systems
  • HVAC unit including, Swegon AHU’s, Ability matrix fan coil units, Active chilled beams and air curtains.
  • Naturally ventilated Atrium space with supplementary underfloor heating
  • Fully integrated Honeywell BMS System
  • Dali lighting control system
  • Quasar energy monitoring system
  • Aspirating, gas suppression and convention fire detection and alarm systems
  • 2x 1650kW standby generator systems compete with fuel system
  • 2 x 200kW UPS systems complete with 2hr battery back up


“This precinct is a significant investment in the Christchurch rebuild and by housing all the justice sector agencies and the city's civil defence and emergency management functions in one location it also shows how public sector agencies can work more closely together.'

Prime Minister John Key