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Middlemore Hospital Clinical Services Building


The new Clinical Services Building (CSB) at Middlemore Hospital forms part of the Towards 20/20 strategic plan for Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB). Pacific were engaged by CMDHB as Independent Commissioning Agents (ICA) to oversee and manage all aspects of the commissioning process of this $150 million healthcare project. Although there was no requirement to have a commissioning agent on this project, CMDHB recognised the value that a well commissioned building has on occupant comfort, and also on the continued operation and maintenance of the building.

We worked closely with Beca, CMDHB engineers, Hawkins Construction and the services subcontractors to ensure the commissioning was carried out correctly. This process involved assisting each subcontractor in developing comprehensive commissioning plans, the overseeing and witnessing of each trades commissioning as well as the overall integrated commissioning process.  We then reported all findings and recommendations directly to CMDHB.

In our experience, hospital projects can be complex and services intense, which requires a high level of installation quality, performance, and building services expertise. This was certainly true of the CSB project, and some of the commissioned systems included:

  • New operating theatre suite, including 14 new theatres.
  • Chiller plant including 1600kW water cooling chiller with primary-secondary decoupled pumping and rooftop cooling tower.
  • New duel fuel heating hot water boiler and pipework distribution to AHU and FCU coils for comfort heating.
  • New Sterile Stores Unit (SSU), which included: duel fuel steam boilers, RO water system, steam and condensate distribution system. 
  • Medical gas plant including bulk O2, medical air, vacuum and NO2.
  • Emergency Power System including two 1100kW diesel generators, SCADA load shedding and stepping, diesel storage and supply system.
  • Central domestic hot water system with Cu/Ag ionisation of disinfection.
  • Allerton Building Management System (BMS).